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11 сынып Ағылшын тілінен қысқа мерзімді сабақ жоспар ҚМЖ




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The theme First Aid Procedures
The aims of the lesson: ·  To teach the first aid treatments and vocabulary according to the theme;

·  Recognize layers of meanings of the text by reading and find out third conditional sentences;

·  To teach to make up sentences in third conditional.

Objectives 1.      Warm-up

2.       Pair work “Vocabulary”

3.       Team work “First aid treatments”

4.       Pair work “Grammar reference”

5.       Individual work “Conclusion”

6.     Expressions

5 min

10 min

8 min

8 min

10 min

4 min

The expected result


ü  They will learn the first aid treatments and vocabulary according to the theme;

ü  They will be able to read for gist and find out third conditional sentences;

ü  They will be able to make up sentences in third conditional.

The main idea —    Create “Wordbank”: Anxious, unconscious, shiver

—    Create “Grammar database”: Modals

—    Expectation: scan for understanding the main idea of the sentences and scan for gist. Discuss and work with vocabulary words

—    Working out: understanding the implication of the work and selecting material to suit it.

Assessment 1.       Peer assessment

2.       Respond logs

3.       Criteria and descriptions

4.       Self assessment

Homework Ex 5, 6, p37
Flipped class First aid procedures


  1. Organization moment
  2. Greeting
  3. Warm-up “Brainstorming”

Poisoning: Provoke vomiting with fingers or salt water. Then 3 or 4 glasses of milk, 4 raw’ egg whites, strong coffee or tea. If he/she is unconscious, call emergency.

Mouth to mouth: Lay victim’s chin elevated. Place mouth firmly over victim’s mouth, clamp victim’s nostrils shut, and blow hard, every 3 seconds for hours if necessary.

Serious bleeding: Do not wash the wound. Press on it with a clean bandage, cloth, or towel. If bleeding continues, cut cir­culation by pressing near­est pressure point.

  1. Work in two groups
  2. Check their homework
  3. Determine the aims of the lesson
  4. Main part

Step 1: Pair work “Vocabulary”

*Match the word with the correct first aid response.

1. Bruise

2. Poisoning

3. Burn

4. Nosebleed

5. Broken bones

a. wash with cold water

b. lean forward and pinch nostrils

c.         provoke vomiting

d. put ice on this

e.do not touch or move them

As sessment: Peer assessment

Step 2: Team work “First aid treatments

It was a beautiful summer day. Tom and his family were at the park for a picnic. Everyone was having a good time, but some unexpected things happened.

Look at the pictures and write some first aid treatment for each case with your partner.

Clara is slicing tomatoes and cuts her finger with the knife.

Bob is playing volleyball, he falls and bruises his elbow.

Ann is standing too close, so the ball hits her nose and she gets a nosebleed.



Assessment: Respond logs

Step 3: Pair work “Grammar reference


  1. Read the conversation.

Л: Did you have a good summer?

B: Yes, I did. I went to London and did an English course. But it would have been better if I had stayed with an English family to improve my En­glish.

A: But, you wouldn’t have met all those students from different countries.

B: No, I wouldn’t. What about your summer?

A: A disaster really. If I’d had enough money, I’d have gone to Italy. It’s my dream. So I went to Almaty and stayed with my uncle’s family, as usual. Anyway, did anything exciting happen?

B: Yes, one day we were walking by a river. There was a storm and the river flooded. We turned back and got back safely. It was really frightening.

A: What would have happened if you’d carried on?

В: Well, we could have died if we hadn’t gone back. Some people were drowned. I don’t like thinking about it. So, what was your holiday like?

A: The weather was awful it was raining all the time. If the weather had been better, I’d have been able to go to the mountains more often. I spent a lot of time sitting at home!

Assessment: Criteria and descriptions

Step 4: Pair work “Conclusion

Assessment: Self  assessment

  • Conclusion

Expression of students about the lesson


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