ГЛАВНАЯ Образцы планов Ағылшын тілі | Английский язык 1 сынып Ағылшын тілі Күнтізбелік-тақырыптық жоспар

1 сынып Ағылшын тілі Күнтізбелік-тақырыптық жоспар


Күнтізбелік-тақырыптық жоспар

1 сынып

Date Hours Theme Vocabulary Structures Project Home task Notes
1 Let’s Start! hello Hello. I’m Lilly.
Module 1. My family
2 Greetings Hello, goodbye ·     Hello! I’m … What’s your name?

·     Hello! I’m …. Goodbye!

3 My family Family members: mummy, daddy, brother, sister


·     This is my mummy!

·     This is my…


4 Colours Colours: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange ·     What colour is it? Red! Stop!

·     Stop! Get ready! Go!

5 Craftwork Consolidation Consolidation
6 Project time Consolidation Consolidation My Favourite Colour!
7 Our world – Time for CLIL Consolidation This is Winnie the Pooh, my favourite character.
8 Storytime! (The Queen Bee) ·     Please stop! No!

·     Go and find them!

·     Red, blue, yellow and green! Thank you!

My Queen Bee
9 Checkpoint 1
Module 2. My School
10 Numbers Numbers: one, two, three, four, five One. What colour is it?
11 My School School items: Schoolbag, book, pen, pencil, rubber It’s a blue schoolbag.
12 School Objects Numbers: six, seven, eight, nine, ten How many pens? Six pens.
13 Craftwork Consolidation Consolidation
14 Project time Consolidation What’s this?

It’s a pen!

My School Things!
15 Our world – Time for CLIL Consolidation How old am I?

I’m Yuri. I’m seven. This is my school.

16 Storytime! (Count to ten) Throw it! Count to ten!
17 Checkpoint 2
Module 3. My Room
18 Objectives Around me Things in a room: bed, chair, TV, table, desk This is my bed.  It’s blue.

Look at the bed.

19 Toys Toys: doll, kite, bike, car, plane, train I’ve got a kite.
20 Commands Commands: stamp your feet, jump, sit down, stand up, clap your hands, dance Clap your hands!

Stamp your feet!


21 Craftwork Consolidation Consolidation
22 Letters Aa –Bb (activity book) A a – apple

B b — bed

23 Project time Consolidation Consolidation My Favourite Toys!
24 Our world – Time for CLIL in the air, on land, at sea This is a bus from UK.
25 Storytime! (The Little Engine that Could…) Consolidation Please help me! I can’t move.
26 Checkpoint 3
Module 4. My Pets
27 Pets Pets: rabbit, fish, cat, dog, mouse, This is my pet.

It’s cat.

What’s its name?

Let me see!

28 Colours and size Colours: black, brown, white, pink

Sizes: big, small


It’s big black dog.

Where’s the rabbit?

Is it big? Yes. / No.


29 Pets and Wild Animals Animals: tortoise, parrot, spider


Oh, look at all the pets!

There’s a parrot on TV.

30 Letters Cc-Dd

Ee-Ff (activity book)

C c –cat

D d  dog

E e — egg

F f — fish

31 Craftwork Consolidation I’ve got a spider in my pet shop.
32 Project time Consolidation This is my pet. It’s a dog. It’s brown. My Pet!
33 Our world – Time for CLIL Wild animals: elephant, zebra, lion, panda

Pets: mouse, dog, rabbit, parrot, fish

I’m Jenny. My favourite animal is the kangaroo.
34 Storytime! (The Mouse’s Garden) Consolidation I’ve got a lot of food!

Give me some food, please!

35 Checkpoint 4
Module 5. My Food
36 Food Food and drink items: milk, cheese, bananas, juice, eggs, chicken I’ve got some milk for you.

I like milk. Yum! I don’t like milk. Yuk!

37 Fruits and Vegetables Fruit: apples, pears, tomatoes

Vegetables: carrots, onions,


What’s in your basket?



My Favourite Food!
38 Food and drink hungry, thirsty I’m hungry. Can I have some chicken?

I’m thirsty. Can I have some juice?

39 Letters Gg – Hh

Ii-Jj (activity book)

G g – glass

H h – house

I i — igloo

J j – jam


40 Craftwork Consolidation I like pears. Give me some, please.
41 Project time Consolidation I like chicken! Yummy!
42 Our world – Time for CLIL burgers, beshbarmak, borek My favourite food is burgers! Yummy!
43 Storytime! (The Fox and the Stork) Consolidation Come to my house.

I’ve got some milk for you!

44 Checkpoint 5
Module 6. My Music
45 Musical Instruments Musical instruments: trumpet, guitar, drum, piano, recorder I can play the drum.

I can play the trumpet! Listen!

46 Activities Actions: sing, skip


I can dance! Look!
47 My Face Face: hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth Touch your ears!
48 Letters Kk-Ll

Mm-Nn (activity book)

K k – kite

L l – lemon

M m – milk

N n – nest


49 Craftwork Consolidation Hello! I’m Bozo the clown. Look! I can skip!
50 Project time Consolidation I can play the Dombra! My Musicals Instruments!
51 Our world – Time for CLIL left, right, up, down Taz has got a very big mouth and very big feet!
52 Letters Oo-Pp

Qq-Rr (activity book)

O o –orange

P p — pen

Q q – queen

R r – rabbit


53 Storytime! (The Three Princesses!) Consolidation I can play the guitar!

They play all day!

54 Checkpoint 6
All About My World
55 My Kazakhstan country, flag, capital city, president This is my country. This is my flag.
56 My Friend’s Family Consolidation This is my friend, Danna.
57 Letters Ss-Tt

Uu – Vv (activity book)

S s – snake

T t – train

U u – umbrella

V v — van

58 My Shapes circle, triangle, rectangle, square Welcome to Baikonur Cosmodrome.
59 Cutlery (My Doll’s house) hat, dress, fork, plate, spoon That is a dress.
60 In the Zoo camel, elephant, snake, zebra, deer What are these? They’re camels.
61 Letters Ww-Xx

Yy-Zz (activity book)

W w – whale

X x – fox

Y y – yo-yo

Z z — zebra

62 Storytime! (Aldar Kosse’s Coat) coat, old, I’m very hot!, buy, gold My coat is old! What’s the matter? I’m very hot.
63 Injuries head, arm, tummy, leg, foot What’s the matter?

My arm hurts!

Let me see!

64 Let’s travel by car, by bus, by plane, by bike, on foot How do you go to school?

I go to school by bus.

65 My Favourite place! lake, river, mountain What is Saule’s favourite place? Belukha Mountain.
66 Revision Letters



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