ГЛАВНАЯ Образцы планов Ағылшын тілі | Английский язык Ағылшын тілі 7 сынып Күнтізбелік-тақырыптық жоспар «Messages» Cambridge press

Ағылшын тілі 7 сынып Күнтізбелік-тақырыптық жоспар «Messages» Cambridge press


Күнтізбелік-тақырыптық жоспар

сынып: 7а,б,в,г,д,е

Оқулық: «Messages» Cambridge press. 2018 Diana Goodey, Noel Goodey translations by I.Minina and N. Mukhamedjanova


I — term

Lesson Module Lesson in the unit Theme  



Vocabulary and pronunciation


Practice in Speech Activities






Date Notes










1                                     Module 1       Present and past Unit 1


Present and past Questions and answers 1.1.formal; 1.1.informal;  1.2. plan; Where do you come? English (5-7)
2 Where do you come from? Present Continuous and Present simple 1.2. Argentina; 1.2.America; 1.2.Argentinian; 1.2.Australia; 1.2.Australian;  1.2.Britain; 1.2.British; 1.2.Canada; 1.2.Canadian;  1.2.country;  1.2.France;1.2.French; 1.2.Greece; 1.2.Greek;  1.2. Italian; 1.2. Italy; 1.2.Japan; 1.2.Japanese;  1.2. Mexico;  1.2. Poland; 1.2.Polish 1.2.Spain; 1.2. Spanish; Who is it?   Essential English
3 English  worldwide! Numbers 1.3. abroad; 1.3. alone; 1.3.as;  1.3.billion; 1.3.connect; 1.3.culture; 1.3.each other; 1.3.english-speaking;  1.3.(a)half; 1.3.home page; 1.3.(be/feel) homesick; 1.3.(a) hundred; 1.3.international;  1.3.like (=such as);  1.3. a million; 1.3. one and a half; 1.3. over (=more=than); 1.3.percent;  1.3.quarter; 1.3.result;  1.3. (a) thousand; 1.3. three quarters; 1.3. two point seven fire;  1.3. worldwide; Song   Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
4 A language with a rich history Expressions: greetings and introductions Pronunciation: weak forms /ә/

1.3.business; 1.3.communicate; 1.3. statistics; 1.3. stay with (someone); 1.3. technology;

Meeting people English

Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия) (7-11)


Unit 2

Past events

Did you



Past simple 2.1.apology; 2.1.event; 2.1.explain; 2.1.forget; 2.1.get off (the bus); 2.1.painting; 2.1.that’s funny; 2.1.until; survival  
6 What were they doing? Past Continuous and Past Simple 2.2.coin; 2.2.crash; 2.2.discovery; 2.2. fall; 2.2.fly; 2.2.form; 2.2.hit; 2.2.iceberg; 2.2.inventor; 2.2.jump; 2.2.land; 2.2.location; 2.2.payment; 2.2.physics; 2.2.sail; 2.2.sink; 2.2.work; Discoveries English Практическая грамматика англиского языка
7 Stories. Expressions: giving and accepting an apology 2.3.after; 2.3.adventure; 2.3.arrow; 2.3.before; 2.3.below; 2.3.bow; 2.3.branch; 2.3. crime story; 2.3.cut; 2.3.fall asleep; A lucky discovery  
8 Module 1 Review Grammar check Progress checк The wrong place! English (5-7)
Module 2 Descriptions

Unit 3


Everyone’s shorter than me! Adjectives 3.1.advantage; 3.1.adventurous; 3.1.earn; 3.1.everyone else; 3.1.stare; Read the story English (5-7)
10 What are they like ? Comparatives and superlatives 3.2.annoy; 3.2.clever; 3.2.easy-going;  3.2.generous; 3.2.good-looking; 3.2.hard-working; 3.2.honest; 3.2. lasy; 3.2.look like; 3.2.mark; 3.2.matching; 3.2.moody; 3.2.shape; 3.2.shy; 3.2.spiral; 3.2.square; 3.2.triangle; People I know   Essential English
11 The Internet (not) as…as 3.3. annoyed; 3.3.captain; 3.3.click (on); 3.3.contact; 3.3.links; 3.3.movie; 3.3. nearby; 3.3.popular; 3.3. stare; 3.3.stupid; 3.3.(it) takes (five minutes); 3.3.tidy; 3.3.unfriendly; 3.3.unkind; 3.3.unpopular; 3.3.untidy; Personality test   Ағылшын тілінен

Жаттығулар жинағы

(тест жинағы)

12 Kazakhstan Expressions: asking for a description


3.2.independent; 3.2.confident; 3.2. friendly; 3.3.embarassing; 3.3.secondary school;

Pronunciation: stress in words

Can you guess? English

Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия 7-11)

13 Unit 4


Shall we go out? Suggestions 4.1.aquarium; 4.1.cathedral; 4.1.department store; 4.1.How about; 4.1. I don’t mind; 4.1.I’d rather (go shopping); 4.1.look around (the shops); 4.1.museum; 4.1.policeman; 4.1. I’d rather; 4.1.somewhere; 4.1.stadium; 4.1.suggest; 4.1.theatre; Scanning  
14 It’s a fantastic place! Expressions of quantity: too much/many, (not) enough, a lot of. 4.1.art gallery;  4.1.castle; 4.1.enough; 4.1.exhibition; 4.1.mosque; 4.1.palace; 4.1.temple; 4.1.theme park; A day out English

Практическая грамматика англиского языка

15 It’s a hard life! Phrasal verb “to get” 4.2.artist; 4.2.crocodile; 4.2.five star; 4.2.goat; 4.2.golf course; 4.2.neighbour; 4.2.opal; 4.2.outback; 4.2.perfect; 4.2.poisonous; 4.2.traffic; 4.2.wildlife; It’s a fantastic place!  
16 The Silk  Road  Tour Expressions: responding to suggestions. 4.3.all the time; 4.3. as well; 4.3.cafeteria; 4.3.fun; 4.3.get dressed; 4.3.get home; 4.3.get into; 4.3.get on (the bus); 4.3.get out of; 4.3.get ready; 4.3.get to; 4.3.get up; 4.3. normal; 4.3.ordinary; 4.3.packed lunch; 4.3.still;

Pronunciation: /k/  /p/  /t/

A place I know English (9-11)
17 Module 2.


Grammar check Progress  check
18 Control work T.R.B.  p: 8-9; p:11-13 T.R.B.  p: 8-9; p:11-13



II – term Module 3 The future

1 Unit 5


Len’s diary Present continuous used for the future 5.1.charity; 5.1.cycle; 5.1.flight; 5.1.guys; 5.1.kick-off; 5.1.arrangements Skimming English (9-11)
2 Of cours, I will The future Simple 5.1.motorbike; 5.1.penfriend; 5.2.expert; 5.2.hold; 5.2.item; 5.2.try on Buying clothes   Essential English
3 Sport The future with will and going to 5.2.boots; 5.2.fitting room 5.2.medium (size); 5.2.(this) one; 5.2.(the green) ones; 5.2.shorts; 5.2.size; 5.2.socks; 5.2.swim suit That’s a long way   Ағылшын тілі

(тест жинағы)

4 High hopes Expressions: shopping 5.2. goggles; 5.2.swimming trunks; 5.2.well+suit; 5.3.drive (someone) mad; 5.3.enter (competition); 5.3.goal; 5.3.high jump; 5.3.high jumper; 5.3.medal; Making plans English

Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия) (7-11)

5 The history of the Olympics Adjective / verb preposition 5.3.achievement; 5.3.(be) afraid of; 5.3.ambitions; 5.3.(be) bad of; 5.3.especially; 5.3.forgetful; 5.3.(be) good at; 5.3.successful;  
6 An email from Almaty The future with going to 5.3.I guess; 5.3.in particular; 5.3.be interested in; 5.3.irritating; 5.3.junior; 5.3.listen to; 5.3. well-paid; 5.3. worry about;

Pronunciation: /αi/  /ѵ/  /ᴂ/


Практическая грамматика англиского языка

7 Unit 6



You’ll be ill if you cat all  that First conditional 6.1.basmati rice; 6.1. carrot; 6.1certainly; 6.1.dessert; 6.1.fork; 6.1.main course; 6.1.menu; 6.1.mousse; 6.1.order (a meal); 6.1.pepper; 6.1.personal assistant; 6.1.salt; 6.1. (apple) tart; Artificial intelligence  
8 You might not enjoy It/ the future with will 6.1.pass; 6.1.plaice; 6.1.plate; 6.1.serviette; 6.1.spoon; 6.1.starter; 6.1. (I’m) starving; At a restaurant English (5-7)
9 Going abroad The future with might 6.2.miss; 6.2.malaria; 6.2.mosquito; 6.2.promise; 6.2.regularly; You’ll be ill if you eat all that!
10 Artificial intelligence Will/won’t + probably 6.2.tablet; 6.2. (the) rest of (my life); 6.2.zoology; 6.3.artificial intelligence; 6.3.director; My future predictions
11 Kazakhstan in the future Compound nouns 6.3.alarm clock; 6.3.almost; 6.3.bus stop; 6.3. car park; 6.3.chairman; 6.3.coffe maker; 6.3.common; 6.3.computer chip; 6.3.develop; 6.3.dining-room; 6.3.expert;



Shopping in London


Expressions: polite requests


6.3.grow up; 6.3.imagine; 6.3.improve; 6.3. intelligence; 6.3. laboratory; 6.3.mobile; 6.3.over; 6.3.oven; 6.3. own; 6.3. point to; 6.3. pop star; 6.3. predict; 6.3. prediction; 6.3. robot; 6.3. smart; 6.3. traffic jam; 6.3. washing machine; 6.4. wipe;

13 Module 3.


Grammar check Progress  check
14 Control work T.R.B.  p:13-14 T.R.B.  p: 13-14
III – term Module 4 Your world
1 Unit 7


I’ve changed the world! Present Perfect 7.1 advert7.1 ocean7.1 pollute7.1 produce

7.1 satellite7.1 selfish7.1 starve


Take Action! English (5-7)
2 Have you plugged it in? Present Perfect and Past Simple 7.2 pare7.2 put in7.2 take out7.2 turn off

7.2 turn on7.2 unplug

Another advert   Essential English
3 Our endangered planet The infinite of purpose 7.3 achieve7.3 adopt7.3 aim7.3 campaign

7.3 channel7.3 destroy7.3 determined

7.3 injured7.3 kid7.3 mend7.3 plant

7.3 protect7.3 rainforest7.3 take acion

7.3 take care of7.3 volunteer

What a difference!   Ағылшын тілі

(тест жинағы)

4 Helping others Expressions: I think so/I don’t think so 7.3 mend7.3 plant7.3 protect7.3 rainforest

7.3 take acion7.3 take care of7.3 volunteer

How does it work? English

Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия) (7-11)

5 Unit 8



I’ve never done that Present Perfect + ever and never 8.1 bungee-jumping8.1 canoeing8.2 couple of days

8.1 customer. 81 edge8.1 snowboarding

8.1 surfing8.1 zorbing

The world’s biggest band  
6 We’ve been here for hours Present Perfect with just 8.2 before last8.2 century8.2 couple of days

8.2 day before yesterday8.2 fewweeks

8.2 for ages8.2 great grandfather

8.2 I bet8.2 a long time

My experiences English

Практическая грамматика англиского языка

7 Music Present Perfect + for and since 8.3 AIDS8.3 album8.3 award8.3 campain

8.3 crawl8.3 fame8.3 field8.3 fight8.3 hit

I’ve never done that!  
8 Amazing adventures Expressions: time expressions with for and since 8.3 high school

8.3 huge8.3 including8.3 known as8.3 lead singer

8.3 live8.3 success8.3 supergroup8.3 thanks to


Is  it?

English (5-7)
9 Module 4


Prepositions of time

Grammar check

Progress  check
Module 5 The way it’s done


10 Unit 9

Getting it right

They don’t have to go to lessons Have to, don’t have, mustn’t 9.1 accidentally  9.1 add

9.1 base 9.1 cleanin 9.1 ideal9.1 jar9.1 olive

9.1 ready –madе 9.1 time-table9.1 washing up

Travel Smart English (5-8)
11 What should we do? Should, shouldn’t 9.2 ambulance9.2 backache9.2 course9.2 earache

9.2 easily9.2 faint9.2 feel sick9.2 fizs-aid9.2 finger

9.2 burt9.2 illness9.2 injection9.2 injury9.2 neck

9.2  sore throat9.2 stomachache9.2 you are welcome

Making a pizza   Essential English
12 Different customs Adverbs 9.3 angrily9.3 anxiously9.3 apologize9.3 badly

9.3 burp9.3 calm9.3 calmly9.3 carefully9.3 custom

9.3 dish9.3 funerat9.3 go away9.3 greet9.3 lick

9.3 loudly9.3 luckily

They don’t have to go to lessons   Ағылшын тілінен

(тест жинағы)

13 A Kazakh’s best friend Expressions: thanking people and responding to thanks 9.3 nicely9.3 nod9.3 noisily9.3 occasion9.3 polite

9.3 politely9.3 purple9.3 quickly9.3 quietly9.3 sadly

9.3 shake hands9.3 slowly9.3 teeth9.3 thumb

9.3 upset9.3 wedding

An ideal school? English

Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия) (7-11)

14 Unit 10

Where is it made?

Is it made in England? Present Simple Passive 10.1 plastic10.1 quid10.1 silver10.3 software

10.1 souvenior10.1 antiques10.1 cotton10.1 glass

10.1 gold10.1 import10.1 leather10.1 lottery

10.1 made of10.1 material10.1 metal10.1 teapot

10.1 wood

The world of computer animation  
15 Where was it built? Past Simple Passive 10.2 rainbow10.2 remain10.2 statue10.2 assasinate

10.2 cartoon10.2 character

Around the world English

Практическая грамматика англиского языка

16 Song “Over the rainbow” Expressions: expressing a reaction 10.2 create10.2 hold10.2 image10.2 land10.2 lift

10.3 realistic10.3 scene10.3 script

17 The world of computer animation  Parts of speech 10.3 software10.3 category10.3 computer-animated

10.3 dwarf10.3 emotion

A quiz English (5-8)
18 The world’s oldest space station The passive + by 10.3 engineer10.3 feature films10.3 introduce

10.3 muscle10.3 variety

19 Module 5


Have to/don’t have to,must/mustn’t
20 Control work



IV – term Module 6 The way we live

1 Unit 11



They said they weren’t rebels Reported speech 11.1 argue11.1 certainly11.1 closest11.1 find out

11.1 get on wrll11.1 infact 11.1 like /love each other

11.1 problem11.1 rebel11.1 relationship

11.1 (have a) row11.1 unhelpful

Wrong number English (5-8)
2 What did they say? Say and tell 11.2 grounded11.2 hang out11.2 karate

11.2 Spend time with11.2 (be) stressed out (colloq)

A conversation   Essential English
3 He isn’t in a good mood, is he? Question tags 11.3 either11.3 exclamation mark11.3 explode

11.3 full stop11.3 shocked

Don’t be so rude!   Ағылшын тілінен

(тест жинағы)

4 Finding out about a friend Expressions asking for clarification 11.3 apostrophe11.3 be back11.3 be in

11.3 capital letter11.3 comma

What did they say? English

Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия)


5 Wrong number Verbs for “speaking” 11.3 inverted commas11.3 leave a message

11.3 reply11.3 say11.3 definitely

6 A conversation The names of punctuation marks 11.3 talk11.3 tell 11.3 truth11.3(be) upset11.3 (a) wrong number English  Практическая грамматика англиского языка
7 A tradition of poetry First Conditional (revision) 11.3 shout11.3 silence11.3 small letter11.3 speak

11.3 speak


8 Unit 12

New beginnings

They used to live in Cardiff Used to 12.1 biscuits12.1 chips12.1 closet12.1 collect12.1 cookies

12.1 crisps12.1elevator12.1 (What) else? 12.1 fries12.1 gas12.1 holida12.1 lonel12.1 pants12.1 pavement

12.1 petro12.1 playground12.1 potato chips12.1 regular

That’s amazing! English (5-7)
9 I’m different now Second conditional 12.1 shop12.1 sneakers12.1 store12.1 trainers12.1trousers

12.1 vocation12.1 wardrobe

10 If I had a ticket, I’d go with you now Saying good-bye 12.2 airline12.2 give (someone) kiss12.2 host

12.2 imaginery12.2 keep in touch12.2 kiss12.2 pardon

12.2 stay12.2 suitcase

11 Imagine Present Simple (Revision) 12.3 approximately12.3 awake

12.3 begin12.3 lane

I’m different now!
12 That’s amazing! Synonyms 12.3 fantastic12.3 grow12.3 irritated12.3 jumbojet

12.3 kodla

13 My country Interrogative sentences (Revision) 12.3 big12.3 cell12.3 contain12.3 dear

12.3 expensive

14 Life in the past Reported speech (Revision) 12.3 large12.3 marsupial12.3 mass-produced

12.3 nearly12.3 pouch

15 Review Grammar  check
16 Control work


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