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Ағылшын тілі 8 сынып Күнтізбелік-тақырыптық жоспар «Messages» Cambridge press


Күнтізбелік-тақырыптық жоспар

сынып: 8 г

Оқулық: «Messages» Cambridge press. 2018 Diana Goodey, Noel Goodey translations by I.Minina and N. Mukhamedjanova

Cambridge. Messages 4 KZ Version.       Grade 8.

I – Term.

                                                      Module 1 People and Places.                        Unit 1 Getting together.
DateTheme of the lessonGrammarVocabulary and PronunciationListening, reading, writing and speaking skillsLiterature pagesliteratureNotes
   1Introduction. The Idols of the 20th centuryPresent and Past Simple.Phrasal verbsEx. 2-5. P 6-7 S.B.Ex. 1-4.p

2-3 W.B.



   2Who are we waiting for?Verbs + prepositions in Wh- questions.Look for\at, think about, come from, talk to\about, wait for, argue with. Key expressions.Ex.11-7.P 8-9 S.B.Ex. 1-7. P 4-5. W.B  Essential English
   3Home reading.Indefinite pronouns.Some…


Ex. 1-4. P 10-11 S.B.Ex.1-3. P 6 W.B.Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
   4Extra Practice.Present Continuous, Phrasal verbs.Review.Ex.1-6. P 12-13 S.B.P 7 W.B.English

Ағылшын тілі хрест.

                                                                             Unit 2. Friends and Neighbours.


   5Flats and houses.Present Simple, Present Continuous.Block of flats, first floor, balcony, lift, stairs, ground flour, garage, garden.Ex. 1-6. P 14-15 S.B.Ex. 1-6. P 8-9 W.B.English


   6Speaking.One\Ones.Review.Ex. 2-7.P 16-17 S.B.Ex. 1-5. P 10-11 W.B.  Essential English
   7Friends – How important are they?Suffixes of adjectives and nouns.Personal qualifies.Ex. 1-4. P 18-19 S.B.Ex 1-3.

P 12 W.B.

Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
   8Extra Practice. Preparing for test.Present Simple, Present Continuous, Phrasal verbs, one\ ones.Review all the vocabulary from Module 1.Ex. 1-4. P 22-23 S.B.Ex. 1-6. P 20 S.B. P 13 W.B.English

Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия) (7-11)

   9  Test.Review.Review.P 47-52. T.R.P.Review.
  10Correction work.All grammar themes.All vocabulary.P 24-25 S.B.Review.
                                                                       Module 2. New horizons.  
                                                                       Unit 3. All in the mind.  
  11While I was playing baseball…Past Simple, Past Continuous.Telepathic, twins, bleeding, coincidence, weird.Ex. 1-6. P 28-29 S.B.Ex. 1-5. P 13-15 W.B.
  12Fears and fantasies. Speaking.Used to.Verbs of action: frighten, feel nervous, worry about, have nightmares, believe in, pretend, dream about, make up.Ex1-4. P 30-31. S.B.Ex. 1-6. P 16-17 W.B.
  13Reading. The importance of dreams.Link words, adjectives.Active, as, at first, breathing come true, corridor, cover, deep, finally, fear, freedom, god, heartbeat, image.Ex. 1-4. P 32-33 S.B.Ex. 1-3. P 18 W.B.
  14Extra exercises.Review.Review.Ex. 1-6. P 34 S.B.P 19 W.B.
  15Extra reading.Past  Simple, Past Continuous, Phrasal verbs.Governor, ride into, at first side, disappoint, faithful, heartbroken.P 35 S.B.Prepare for control work.
  16Control work.Review.Review.P 27 T.R.P.Review grammar.
  17Correction work.Units 1-3.Units 1-3.Project work. Life and culture.
  18Total revision.Review.Review.Review.



II – Term.

Unit 4. Journeys.
  DateTheme of the lessonGrammarVocabulary and Pronunciation.Listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.Literature page
  1Modal verbs.Must\Mustn’t, have to\don’t have to.Direct, how can I get to, how far is it, how long does it take, It takes (an hour).Ex. 1-7. P 36-37 S.B.Ex. 1-7. P 20-21 W.B.English


  2On the roadPresent and Past Simple Passive.Helmet, lorry, petrol station, roundabout, scooter, speed, limit, traffic lights, wheel.Ex. 1-6. P 38-39 S.B.Ex. 1-5. P 22-23 W.B. Essential English

“A very long bike ride”.

Prepositions of movement.Across, along, bank of river, bike ride, backpacker, fall off, valley.Ex. 1-4. P 40-41 S.B.Ex 1-5. P 24 W.B.Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
  4Extra Exercises.Prepositions of movement, link words, Modal verbs.Review Unit 4.Ex. 1-6. P 42 S.B.P 25 W.B.English

Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия) (7-11)

  5Preparing for Test.Review Unit 4.Review Unit 4.Ex. 1-4. P 44-45 S.B.Review Unit 4.
  6Total Grammar Test.Review.Review.Ex. 1-4. P 29 T.R.PReview. P 46 S.B.
  7Correction work.Past Simple, Past Continuous, Modal verbs, Passive.Vocabulary and Expressions of Module 2.Course work 2. P 47 S.B.Retell. P 47 W.B.
                                                                              Module 3. Changes.
                                                                              Unit 5. In the news.  
  8Listening and Speaking.Present Perfect + just.Crime, the environment, famous people, health, politics, sport, war and peace, the weather.Ex. 1-7. P 26-27 W.B.English


   9ReadingPresent Perfect + yet, already, Past Simple.Amount, bone, satellite dish, recently, throw away.Ex. 1-6. P 52-53 S.B.


Ex. 1-6. P 28-29 W.B

  Essential English
  10Places in the news.So…that and such a\an…that.Movement, fascinated, eruption, erupt.Ex. 1-4. P 54-55 S.B.

Ex 1-3.p 30 W.B.

  Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
  11Extra Exercises.Review. Grammar of Unit 5.Review Unit 5.Ex. 1-6. P 56 S.B.

P 31 W.B.


Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия) (7-11)

  12Extra Reading.

“In the news”.

Review.Connection, research, scientific, genes, include, give birth.P 57 S.B. Talk about Almaty.
  13Total control work.Units 4 and 5.Units 4 and 5.P 54-59 T.R.P.
  14Correction work. Review.Review.Review.Review.

III —  Term.

                                                                            Unit 6. Attachment.
DateTheme of the lessonGrammarVocabulary and PronunciationListening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Literature pages  
  1Reading: “They’ve been there for 100 years”.Present Perfect with for\since. Time expressions.Time expressions. A long time ago, during the war, for ages, midday.Ex. 1-7. P 58-59 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-6. P 32-33 W.B.

  Essential English
  2Personal possessions.Present Perfect with superlative adjectives + ever give + direct and indirect objects.Key expressions. Brush, comb, earrings, key ring, wallet.Ex. 1-8. P 60-61 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-6. P 34-35 W.B.

  Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
  3Changes. On the move.Still\any more.Adapt, away from, feel at home, confused, It’s in my blood.Ex. 1-4. P 62-63 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-3. P 36 W.B


Ағылшын тілі хрест.

  4Extra Practice.Review. Unit 6.Review. Unit 6.Ex. 1-6. P 64-65 S.B.

h/w P. 37 W.B.

  5Total grammar check. (Test)Present Perfect.Module 3. Vocabulary expressions.Ex. 1-5. P 66-67. P 61-66 T.R.P. h/w Coursework 3. P 68-69 S.B.
                                                                             Module 4. Talking points.
                                                                             Unit 7. Celebration.
  6Special occasions.First Conditional.Blow out, celebrate, firework, get rich, guest.Ex. 1-6. P 72-73 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-5. P 38-39 W.B.

English (5-7)
  7Listening and reading: “They are going to get married”.The Future with will and going to.Back of, chapel, I guess so, I hope not, I hope so, room (space), relax, pick up.Ex. 1-7. P 74-75 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-6. P 40-41 W.B.

  Essential English
  8Let’s celebrate!Phrasal verbs with look.Look at\for, look after\up, forward to.Ex. 1-4. P 76-77 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-3. P 42 W.B.

  Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
   9Extra Practice.Review. Unit7.Review. Unit 7.Ex. 1-6. P 78-79 S.B.

h/w P 43 W.B.


Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия) (7-11)

                                                                          Unit 8. Secrets and lies.       


  10Listening and reading.Future sentences with when. May\might.Client, disguise, make up, rest of, retire.Ex. 1-8. P 80-81 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-6. P 44-45 W.B.


  11Verbs and nouns that go together.Second Conditional.Change, exactly, give back, I agree, keep a secret, make a promise, trust, that’s true.Ex. 1-7. P 82-83 S.B.


Ex. 1-6.p 46-47 W.B.

  12Tourist attractions.Because\so.Career, admire, con man, fountain, delighted, liar, unfortunately.Ex. 1-4. P 84-85 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-3. P 48 W.B.

  13Extra Practice.Review. Unit 8.Review. Unit 8.Ex. 1-6. P 86-87 S.B.

P 49 W.B.

  14Total Grammar review.Grammar of Units 7 and 8.Vocabulary of units 7 and 8.Ex. 1-4. P 88-89 S.B.

Prepare for contr. work.

  15Control work.Module 4.Module 4.P. 72 T.R.P.

h/w Review. P 90-91 S.B.

  16Correction work.Grammar review.Vocabulary review.P. 35-36 T.R.P.

h/w Review grammar and vocabulary

                                                             Module 5 Living together  Unit 9. Groups.
  17People in groups.Verb\preposition + ing form.Audience, band, choir, club, crowd, gang, orchestra, team.Ex. 1-6. P 94-95 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-6. P 50-51 W.B.

  18I want you to say “Cheese”.Requests and responses.Lend, would you mind.Ex. 1-7. P 96-97 S.B.

h/w Ex.1-6. P 52-53 W.B.

  19Reading: “Working together”Too+ adjective, Adjective+ enough.Ant, beside, brave, commentary, defend, jaws, parasite, sharp, species.Ex. 1-4. P 98-99 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-3. P 54 W.B.

  20Extra Practice.Review. Unit 9.Review. Unit 9.Ex. 1-7. P 100-101 S.B.

h/w P 55 W.B.

IV – Term.

DateTheme of the lessonGrammarVocabulary and pronunciationListening,



Speaking skills

  Unit 10.Food  for  thought.
1.FoodExpressions of quantity, expressing preferencesAdd up, beans, damage, distance, fuel, I’d rather, prown, thought, vitamin, broccoli, carrots, cheese, chicken, lettuce, peas, prawns, rice, strawberries



Ex. 1-7 P.102-103  S.B.

h/w Ex.1-6 P.56-57 W.B


English (5-7)
2.Who eats what?Question words,   subject and object questionsTo get something right, invent.Ex.1-6 P.102-103 S.B.

h/w -ingEx.1-5 P.58-59 W.B.

  Essential English
3.Reading. Fast Food.Adjectives ending in -ed,Amazed, annoyed, annoying, best-selling,  chemicals, convenient, interested, interesting, junk food, boring, amazing,

chain, bored, depressed, exciting, favour of, overweight, smell

Ex.1-4 P.106-107 S.B.

h/w Ex.1-3 P.60 W.B.

  Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
4.Extra practiceReview Unit 10Review Unit 10Ex.1-7 P.108 P.109 S.B.

h/w P.61 W.B.


Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия) (7-11)

5.Grammar checkReview Module 5Review Module 5Ex.1-4 P.110-111 S.B.

h/w P.112-113 S.B.

6.Module 5 TestReviewReviewEx.1-6 P.75-80 TRP

h/w Project work: Our school magazine.

  Module 6 Just imagine!
                                                                              Unit 11.Challenges.
7.FeelingAdjectives describing feeling, past perfectFed up, nearby, nervous, pleased,  rain,  receive, relaxed, relieved, scream, surprised, tornado,  upset worried.Ex.1-6 P.116-117 S.B.

h/w Ex.1-5 P.62-63 W.B.

English (5-7)
8.It must be greatMust, can’t, might, could for speculation.

Neither do I. So am I.

Expensive, I wonder guy, experience, queue.Ex.1-6 P.118-119 S.B.

h/w   Ex. 1-6 P.64-65 W.B.

  Essential English
9.In the mountainsAdverbsAngrily, crawl, crevasse, disaster, early, fast, foot (of a mountain) hard, hop, ice.Ex.1-4 P.120-121 S.B.

h/w Ex.1-3 P.66

  Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
10.Extra practiceReview Unit 11Review Unit 11Ex.1-6 P.122 P.!23 S.B.

h/w  P67 W.B.



                                     Unit 12.  Happy endings.
11.MoneyReported speech (1)Lend, afford, spend, bank account, credit card, borrow, broke, cash point, changeEx.1-6 P.124-125 S.B.

h/w Ex.1-5  P.68-69 W.B.

English (5-7)
12.Listening and Reading.

What did you tell him?

Reported speech (2); Say and tell,

Everyday expressions

Doorbell, Enjoy yourself, Help yourself, turn down;Ex.1-7 P.126-127 S.B.  Essential English
13.Reading. Sending messages.Phrasal verbsFind out, give up, grow up, pick up,  put on, take off,  take out,  turn down,  payment,  turnoff, turn on.Ex 1-4 P.128-129 S.B.

h/w Ex. 1-3 P72

  Ағылшын тілінен тест жинағы
14.Module 6. Review

Grammar check

Review Module 6Review Module 6Ex.1-4 P132-133 S.B.

h/w To prepare for control work

P130-131 S.B.


Ағылшын тілі (хрестоматия)


15.Control workReviewReviewEx.1-6 P.89-93 T.R.P

h/w P 73. W.B.

16.Correction work. ReviewReviewReviewP.134 -135 S.B.

h/w Review. Grammar notes.

P.74-80 W.B.



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